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las2peer Release v1.2.2

We recently released version v1.2.2. It just includes a minor dependency update for web3 and better authentication error management in case of login problems. To update your services to las2peer v1.2.x, please follow the migration guide.

las2peer Release v1.2.0

We recently released version v1.2.0. From now on las2peer is compatible with Java 17. We also updated the Gradle version to 7.2.The frontend was also updated and uses now Lit instead of Polymer.Also, some swagger dependencies were updated.And we did a bug fix regarding the GroupAgentGenerator. It is possible to generate groups again.

las2peer Release v1.1.2

After our maintenance release v1.1.1, we recently released version v1.1.2. Fixed was a small bug that synchronizes the nounce of the blockchain. Group agents can now also be stored in the blockchain. Also, semantic versioning for services has been improved. To increase the overview of the logs, we changed the log level of the...

las2peer Release v1.1.0

las2peer Version 1.1.0 is out now! This release comes with the long awaited las2peer compatibility with Java 14. Additionally, as a new feature, the current las2peer version number will now be displayed in the status bar in the node frontend. The las2peer template project has also been updated accordingly! Happy service development!

las2peer Release v1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 of las2peer has been released! This release fixes a memory leak problem and comes with the possibility to see the RAM usage of the running node in the frontend. Additionally, this version will be running in the Tech4comp cluster! Happy service development!

las2peer Release v0.8.1

We just released a new version of las2peer. This release bundles the fixes and improvements done to the las2peer core in the last few month and comes with an improved Web frontend, most prominently visible the updated status bar. Happy service development!

Cluster Overview Tech4comp

Cluster Setup: We have currently 1 physical machine with 3 virtual machines. Kubernetes version: v1.15.1 Docker: 19.3.0 OS-Image: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 1. tech4comp-precision-5820-tower Role: Master (ip: 2. tech4compslave1(VM) Role: Worker (ip: 3. tech4compslave2(VM) Role: Worker (ip: 4. easlit (Uni Leipzig)(VM) Role: Worker (ip: Services/Apps available on Kubernetes cluster: Helm Package Manager: Helm helps you...

las2peer Unchained – v0.8.0 released

We released las2peer v0.8.0!This release integrates the blockchain-based, decentralized service registry and discovery system. You now can search for services running in the network, verify their author and origin and start them on your own node, all in the node frontend, just clicking the corresponding buttons. Besides this, as always this release fixes various...

The Bots Enter las2peer

We released las2peer 0.7.6. This release integrates the Social Bot Framework into las2peer. With it, you can now conveniently add bots to your las2peer-driven applications, all powered by a model-driven, CAE-derived approach, backed by our MobSOS monitoring framework. For an example of the integration of a social learning bot integration, you can check our...

las2peer Release 0.7.4

We released las2peer 0.7.4. This is a bugfix release that comes with adjustments to the MobSOS monitoring API. Those were derived from requirements which emerged during the active usage of the monitoring service during a user study on Distributed Noracle. The new version shifts the focus of las2peer’s logging more towards the creation and...