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las2peer Release 0.6.9

Today we released las2peer 0.6.9. This is a maintenance release. Changelog Bug – WebConnector send response headers duplicate Improvement – Add UPNP libs to the Core by default – typo error in invokeInternally method Task – Slow (32 s) response when reqbaz hits traffic – WebConnector answering with XML...

Bundled Jars

In the current SNAPSHOT builds and with the next release, we’ll be using packed jars for the las2peer core, WebConnector and the RESTMapper. You’ll notice that the dependencies seems to “disappear” from your project folders. But they”re just bundled inside of their jar file. If you experience issues, please file us an issue on...

las2peer Release 0.6.8

las2peer 0.6.8 has been released. las2peer is now able to upload services to the network and load it from there. Note that this is an experimental feature being stabilized for the upcoming 0.7 release. Changelog (also on GitHub) – implement network class loading

las2peer Release 0.6.5

las2peer 0.6.5 has been released including bug fixes and stability improvements. Services running on 0.6.3/0.6.4 are compatible with this version. The full change log is available on GitHub.

las2peer Release 0.6.2

Today we released las2peer 0.6.2 with mostly maintenance updates. IT also ships with support for service paths with multiple segments, but with some limitations due to security considerations in a untrusted p2p network. Read more about it in the wiki. This release has no breaking changes and is fully compatible with services running on...

las2peer Release 0.6.1

We released las2peer 0.6.1, containing many bug fixes and integration with Jersey for RESTful services. For more details, please have a look on the migration guide on GitHub.