These services are currently available. You may pick some services for reuse in your application or implement new reusable services and advertise them here.

Service Name Service Description Service Owner GitHub LinkService Versionlas2peer Version
Contact ServiceService for managing groups and contactsAlexander Neumann
User Information ServiceStores user related information. Provides interface for other services.-
MobSOS Data ProcessingThis service is part of the MobSOS monitoring concept and processes incoming monitoring data.-
MobSOS Query Visualization ServiceGeneric visualization of SQL DataAlexander Neumann
MobSOS Success-ModelingThis service is part of the MobSOS monitoring concept and provides visualization functionality of the monitored data to the Web-frontend.-
MobSOS SurveysA simple survey management service, being part of the MobSOS toolkit.-
Learning Locker ServiceService that enables the connection between MobSOS and Learning Locker.-
Social Bot Manager Service-
OCD ServiceOverlapping community detection and visualization-
Moodle Data ProxyService which enables the connection between Moodle and MobSOS.-
Onyx Data ProxyService which enables the connection between Opal/Onyx and MobSOS.-
Sensor ProxyService that serves as a backend for the tech4comp wearables application.-
Project ServiceService for managing community projects for las2peer groups.-
Requirements BazaarRequirements Bazaar backendMartin Hug
Activity TrackerA service for managing activity messages of usersMartin Hug
CAE-Code-Generation-ServiceService for generating code from CAE models.-
CAE-Model-Persistence-ServiceService for persisting versioned models.-
Short Message ServiceProvides methods to send short messages via a las2peer networkThomas Cujé
Annotation ServiceGeneric annotation service for videos-
Calendar ServiceService for creating entries with comments inside a calendar-
Comment ServiceGeneric comment service with an API for other servicesJasper Nalbach