Open Source P2P-based Community Service Platform

An Open Community Service Platform

las2peer is a Java-based Open Source framework for distributing community services in a peer-to-peer infrastructure. It is being developed by the ACIS Group which is part of the Chair of Computer Science 5 at RTWH Aachen University. Main goals are easy development and deployment of services.



las2peer is a peer-to-peer network with no central instance that controls the network.


The network hosts multiple services that communicate with each other. It's easy to develop a new service that integrates with other services decreasing development time.

Easy to deploy

Services can easily be deployed to an existing network and scaled up, making setting up own infrastructure obsolete. Connecting own nodes to a network can be done with no effort.


Data storage and communication is encrypted using strong asymmetric encryption.

Respects Privacy

Since las2peer runs on multiple servers, it's hard to track user activity.

Integrated with the Web

Creating RESTful APIs with las2peer as easy as writing Java applications. las2peer integrates services with OpenID and Swagger.

Use Cases

Latest News

las2peer Release v0.8.1

We just released a new version of las2peer. This release bundles the fixes and improvements done to the las2peer core in the last few month and comes with an improved Web frontend, most prominently visible the updated status bar. Happy service development!

Cluster Overview Tech4comp

Cluster Setup: We have currently 1 physical machine with 3 virtual machines. Kubernetes version: v1.15.1 Docker: 19.3.0 OS-Image: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 1. tech4comp-precision-5820-tower Role: Master (ip: 2. tech4compslave1(VM) Role: Worker (ip: 3. tech4compslave2(VM) Role: Worker (ip: 4. easlit (Uni Leipzig)(VM) Role: Worker (ip: Services/Apps available on Kubernetes cluster: Helm Package Manager: Helm helps you...

las2peer Unchained – v0.8.0 released

We released las2peer v0.8.0!This release integrates the blockchain-based, decentralized service registry and discovery system. You now can search for services running in the network, verify their author and origin and start them on your own node, all in the node frontend, just clicking the corresponding buttons. Besides this, as always this release fixes various...

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