Cluster Overview Tech4comp

Cluster Setup:

We have currently 1 physical machine with 3 virtual machines.

Kubernetes version: v1.15.1
Docker: 19.3.0
OS-Image: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

1. tech4comp-precision-5820-tower Role: Master (ip:
2. tech4compslave1(VM) Role: Worker (ip:
3. tech4compslave2(VM) Role: Worker (ip:
4. easlit (Uni Leipzig)(VM) Role: Worker (ip:

Services/Apps available on Kubernetes cluster:

  1. Helm Package Manager:
    Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications. Helm Charts can be used to define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications.
    Server version:2.14.2
    Client version: 2.14.2
  2. Flannel
    Flannel is a simple and easy way to configure a layer 3 network fabric designed for Kubernetes.
    version: 0.11

Services available on Kubernetes cluster deployed using helm package manager:

  1. gitlab-runner
    GitLab Runner is the open source project that is used to run jobs and send the results back to GitLab.
    App Version: 11.10.1
    Namespace: gitlab
  2. nfs-client-provisioner
    The NFS client provisioner is an automatic provisioner for Kubernetes that uses configured NFS server, automatically creating Persistent Volumes.
    App Version: 3.1.0
    Namespace: default
  3. moodle
    Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.
    App Version: 3.7.0
    Namespace: mentoring-cockpit
    web address:
  4. prometheus-operator
    Provides easy monitoring definitions for Kubernetes services, and deployment and management of Prometheus instances
    App version: 0.29.0
    Namespace: default
    web address:
  5. tech4comp-runner
    App version: 12.0.0
    Namespace: gitlab
  6. nginx-ingress
    An nginx-ingress deployment on a Kubernetes cluster controller that uses ConfigMap to store the nginx configuration.
    App version: 0.24.1
    Namespace: kube-system
  7. rocketchat
    Rocket.Chat is a free, unlimited and open source team chat software
    App Version:1.1.1
  8. Learning Locker
    Learning Locker is a conformant open source Learning Record Store (LRS).
    web address:
    App Version:2.0.7
    Namespace: sbf

Services from the las2peer Node:

  1. Mobsos-data-processing
    This service is part of the MobSOS monitoring concept and processes incoming monitoring data.
    web address:

Have a nice time working with Tech4comp clusters.

About the author: Samuel Roy