las2peer Release 0.5.7

Today we released the last version before las2peer 0.6. las2peer 0.5.7 contains only bugfixes, including a fix for a memory leak in FreePastry important when sending large files through the network. The full changelog is on GitHub.

las2peer Release 0.5.3

las2peer 0.5.3 has been released! In this release, the WebConnector received lot of bug fixes and has been prepared for the upcoming las2peer file service. A full changelog can be seen on GitHub.

las2peer Release 0.5.2

A new version of las2peer has been released, including bugfixes and improvements, especially regarding las2peer networks. Also, this is the first release including the las2peer sandbox, protecting the machine running a las2peer node. The sandboxing feature is disabled by default, but is strongly recommended for productive environments. A full changelog can be seen on...

las2peer Release 0.5.1

Today we released las2peer 0.5.1 including a bugfix. For more details see the release notes on GitHub. As always, please make sure to use the latest version in your ivy.xml to get new features and bugfixes, never use snapshot builds.

las2peer Release 0.5.0

Today we released las2peer 0.5.0, featuring: improved stability and bug fixes unified logging multiple service versions running at the same time in the same network API improvements A detailed changelog can be found on GitHub, the latest Javadoc is also available. All features interesting for service developers are documented in the wiki, especially the...

Dynamic Class Loading in a P2P Network

Class Loading is an important aspect of las2peer due to its dynamic properties, especially when services should be executed isolated from each other to avoid security issues. In las2peer, services can be started dynamically, that means that code is loaded at runtime. Also, in modern development processes, new versions are released frequently, and dependent...