las2peer Release 0.5.7

Today we released the last version before las2peer 0.6. las2peer 0.5.7 contains only bugfixes, including a fix for a memory leak in FreePastry important when sending large files through the network. The full changelog is on GitHub.

las2peer Tech Paper

We recently published our technical paper “las2peer – A Primer” on Researchgate. The paper is deliberately designed as THE first read on las2peer. It provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of the most important concepts and parts of las2peer and links to all kinds of more detailed documentation and code, including API docs, tutorials,...

las2peer Release 0.5.0

Today we released las2peer 0.5.0, featuring: improved stability and bug fixes unified logging multiple service versions running at the same time in the same network API improvements A detailed changelog can be found on GitHub, the latest Javadoc is also available. All features interesting for service developers are documented in the wiki, especially the...